Sunday, November 15, 2009

Photo's of progress on the Brive - Souillac Airport.

It's been bit of a miserable day here today, so hubby and I decided to have a drive out and see progress at the airport site.  After all the worries last year when works seemed to have come to a halt, we wondered when and if it would ever actually be finished...  I can confirm that works have really progressed and they are working day and sometimes throughout the night.

It is supposed to be operational for June next year!!
Let's hope so because it is only 17 km's from Souillac and it will be so handy for family and shopping trips back to UK for me ....   oh and of course any of my clients who wish to buy a property!

Really making progress on the tower and surrounding buildings.

46 000 000 !!!

Sorry, mist had started to roll in as it was getting rather late in the afternoon.  However, you can see that it looks like the runway maybe finished.

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