Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday morning trip to market!

Oooopps, little late in for work this morning.....  How can I help that when the gorgeous smells from the market hit me as soon as I open my front door (I live in town),  I just had to do a 'tour'!

What a commune it is!  Everyone knows everyone, which is quite incredible as this is a reasonable size market.  You can be sure you will bump into several people you know.  I caught up with a couple who I had sold a property to about four years ago.  Retired couple who moved here with daughter and grandson.  The daughter is now getting married to a local French guy.  Happy stories - sets you up in a good mood for the day!

My flower guy was a charming as ever....  Every week I buy my flowers from him which, price and quality wise, top the bigger shops.  I like to support the local guys to.  Mr flower man asked me if I was Dutch or American this morning.  I can't ever lose my accent no matter how much I try to roll those 'r's !!    He even gave me a free plant - I like Mr flower man!

I bought some of my favourite 'saucisson' too.  Duck with walnuts in.  Ummm, yummy, yummy. 

Mr cheese man tried his hardest to get me to try some of his home-made sheep cheese, however, I didn't fancy it this morning, too early.  Although normally delicious, some of it can be very strong and the taste lingers for hours.  I knew I had a client coming in too so didn't want to breathe cheese breath all over them!


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