Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A rock 'n' roll property for train lovers!!!!!

Ref:  5880S                                                  

Price:  46.400€ Reduced to 45.000€  (agency fee included)

Being part of an estate agents, we do get all sorts to sell!! 

This property has just come onto the market.  I've noted that it is for train lovers as it has open access to the main Paris to Toulouse rail-line!!  In fact approx 10 paces to the left and you are in danger of being squashed!!

The rock 'n' roll parts come in as there is some very attractive graffiti to one side of the property!!

However, however....  I could actually see that this property did have something about it.  Maybe because it is just so different! 

This old SNCF building is actually larger than it appears on the photo's.  Interior measures 82m2, therefore if you put in a first floor, there is a possibility to have a habitable surface of 160m2.  It is square and solid.  Has some very nice stonework around the openings.  There is actually quite a lot of land, 2000m2.

Situated in a very quiet area (except when the trains pass!) I could imagine this property being transformed in to a more open plan living, loft style and for someone artistic or someone who would like something out of the ordinary and a little quirky!

The graffiti was done years ago and you are centainly not in danger of having repeat problems.  One of those one off things.  The land can be transformed in a lovely garden...  I wonder if you can incorporte the siding rail that stops at the side of the property??????!!!  Of course the land could be fenced in, just in case you have problems with sleepwalking and worried you may cross the line in the middle of the night!

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