Monday, November 9, 2009

Caravan - no, not that sort!!

Every Monday afternoon we have 'caravan'.  Caravan is where all of the team go out and see first hand all the new properties that have come onto the market.  My colleagues work hard to bring in new mandates, we then personally visit so that each one of us knows each property inside and out! 

I find this very useful.  Clients can then be assured that if they make an enquiry we have actually visited the property so can answer directly any questions they may have.

Apart from the serious side of caravan, I enjoy it so much because we take trips across the beautifully stunning countryside, where we may stop off for a coffee in a little village somewhere....  I never get bored with visiting the new properties myself either.  The very old properties, typical of the Lot, are just so steeped in history.  You get to meet some interesting people!  You never know what you may find inside a property....

After 'caravan' I will post the new properties, only once I have seen them.  That way, you can ask me any questions!

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