Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dinner with Jean Michel SALVADOR - a French Artist

Dining out with mutual friends, we had the very great pleasure of meeting Jean Michel Salvador, a French artist and his adorable wife Alice. 

We had been invited to a very French, gastronomic delight of an evening!!  (I will do a seperate post for that - as it was something rather special!)

It is always such a pleasure to meet up with some very interesting people.  And Jean Michel certainly is inspiring and interesting.
Here he is about to tuck into, the fourth course I think!  And after a few glasses of champagne and the finest of wines.....

Jean Michel has since sent me some photo's of his work.  Wow!  Here is one example alone:
Also, just recently, some of his work has been published in one of the best selling deco magazines in France (and one I buy!).  This is the Jan/Feb edition - so be quick if you would like a copy!

You can visit Jean Michel's website here: 

Please note, Jean Michel will be exhibiting in Martel on the 12th - 24th May.

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