Friday, November 13, 2009

This morning at the market in Souillac

Woke up to a misty morning as is quite usual for this time of the year.  It hangs over the river Dordogne here in Souillac, just a little longer than for those out of town. 

It's Friday...  I love Friday's.  Market day!!  The town is always busy as everyone and his dog comes out from far and wide to do a tour of the marché!  This market is for locals - not just tourists.  It's an important day for the Frenchies. 

There is not a lot of room to walk in between the stalls - made even more difficult by the locals catching up on the weekly news (or gossip more like!)

I went to see my flower man, as I always like fresh flowers for the house.  Just at that very moment, the sun came out.  "Oh" he said, "You have made the sun come out with your visit".  I giggled a little, ever so slightly embarrassed but also secretly happy that I can still pull a compliment - although that's not difficult from these French men as all the girls will know!

Amazing selection of fresh fish

Onions or garlic (must be busy there is three selling!)
Yum, Yum! 
A box of fresh Chanterelle mushrooms!
Have to admit I have never tried some of these
kinds of cheese offered from this box.

Now here is the very famous 'Rocamadour' cabecou goats cheese!  Very strict rules govern who can use the title of 'Rocamadour'.  This is made very locally indeed!

Voila!  There you have had a quick tour of the Marché today!

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