Friday, May 27, 2011

Hope you've finished your lunch before seeing this property!! 'Beurk' as they say in France!

Ref 6378s                                                       SOLD STC !!!!

Price:  20.000€ (agency fee included)

They come in all shapes and sizes and some in better condition than others.  None so bad as this one!!!!!!  Bet you are looking at that first picture thinking it is not too bad for the price huh?  Scroll down!
A little house, well a garage with a bedroom!  This place in just on the outskirts of the middle of the town.  A large garage downstairs and a bedroom and another room which is described as the kitchen (!!!!) a W.C and shower (double beurk!!) upstairs.
The garage:
The kitchen:
The bedroom:
Just had to show you the not so great bits about my work - but it made me laugh and I was looking forward to sharing it with my regular blog readers for a little light entertainment!

This one really is in a bad way....  It would be a great garage, of which there are few in the town centre.  If you really wanted to go further, you could make a studio flat (which are in demand here) and actually earn some money!    So you never know - this could be a great little investment!

I'm looking forward to meeting the person that is interested in this one.....

Look at the loo!!  Whoaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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