Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recent comments about the blog and questions I get asked...

Every morning I arrive to an assortment of e-mails and messages.  Most of my clients come are from far and wide, sometimes thinking they are alone in the many questions that they need to ask before embarking on buying a property in France.

I thought I would share some of the e-mails I get.  Some will show how and why people are looking to buy in France and some will show the kind messages of support I get concerning the blog. :) !!  If one of your e-mails is here - a special thank you!

Hi Kim,

I stumbled upon your site and blog and I must say I love it, although an honest estate agent with a sense of humour must be an endangered species.

Hello Kim

My next query is about pets - we have three cats, three tortoises and two chinchillas (a mini zoo!) that will be moving with us.  I know how to get pet passports for the cats, but do you know where I can find out about the rules on taking the tortoises and chinchillas?  Also, do landlords of rental properties allow you to keep pets in them?


Dear Kim,

Good site! Lively commentary!


Hi Kim,

I came across your blog today when I was looking for properties in France.  Love your descriptions of the properties; my opinions were the same as those you expressed which makes you an ideal house-hunter for me!  And your blog adds so much information about the area, from a personal perspective, which is so lacking when just looking at the listings.  Often you have no idea what the neighborhood is like.  I also like that you comment on the "feel" of the house; that's very helpful as well.

Currently, my favorite listing is Reference: ++++S. My husband is 6'6" tall and it's hard to find old homes that fit him; we're lucky to have found the 1860s farmhouse we live in now in Virginia, USA. I grew up in Germany and would love to have a place (in France) to go home to for part of the year.  The referenced property did not have a garden which would be an eyesore while we were away! Looks like the ceilings are fairly high.

Wish I was there to talk to you in person; you come across as someone who would be a lot of fun to go house exploring with (I love doing that)! I had my realtors license here for awhile many years ago but the bug never goes away...


Dear Kim,

My mother, sister and I spent long hours of delight reading your blog this
weekend and looking at your listings.
I lived in Rousillon briefly in
the early 80's, and have since toyed with the idea of living in France part
of the year. Although I passed through Souillac and saw the Abbey, I don't
remember much else--besides the village has no doubt changed in 30 years!

I have basic questions in terms of buying a French property, and I wondered
if you'd take the time to guide me a little:

1) Are prices negotiable?
2) How might I calculate property taxes per year?
3) Are there aspects of French law in terms of foreign purchase which I
should know about?

That seems to cover the basics, so that I can consider in more
practical--rather than fantasy--terms.

You should know how appealing your approach is, warm and personal, yet
clearly informed. Your description of properties is just what one might hope
for; we appreciated your eye for what might appeal as well as for what might
prove a challenge.



Hi Kim, Good name ;-)
I like some of your properties, 6348S in particular.

At the moment I'm working in Sicily and then back to our base in Malta but should be free towards the end of September.
Maybe we can meet up then and have a look if the property is still on the market.
Best regards and please don't do anymore "A place in the sun" as the Brits will pay stupid prices which I guess is good for you but not for me ;_)



... well-written with great photos. Makes a nice change from negotiating my way around the usual crop of awfully designed websites.

I also love the properties that you have on your site but they are not in the area we are considering. I don't suppose you ever market properties in the Midi-Pyrenees?

Dear Kim

We would like to thank you for your assistance and hospitality during our visits to properties selected for possible purchase.

Not only were you as entertaining as your blog site but also very informative about the housing market in this part of the world.

As we left it, you have proposed to send appropriate details of houses to meet our requirements. However after our meeting with you we saw a property with another agency and following a second viewing, made an offer that was accepted by the vendor.

Obviously we are delighted to find a house we feel has the potential (yes it does need a new bathroom and kitchen!) to become a very comfortable distraction to daily routines and set in a very beautiful landscape.

I am sorry that this means we will not have the pleasure of seeing you again, but wish you continued success in your business and hectic social life!

Kind regards



Thaks for your mail, Kim  and keep those properties coming.


Hello KimThanks for your latest property details. The entry porch is a catastrophe- I DO love plastic........


Sorry I missed you last night - I was stuck on the good ole M25 in heavy rain, another good reason to want to upsticks and move to France!


First of all this is going to be long, so grab a cup of tea! (or
coffee – or a wine).
I have been visiting your web-page frequently after I stumbled
across it whilst googling all things French Property (!!!) and LOVE the way you
write and the enthusiasm you put into all the wonderful properties you find. I
feel I am there with you.


Just a little word to let you know how much I enjoy looking at you blog. After wading through all the "immobilier" sites, and just before I go into a hypnotic trance, I switch to  your site.

Alas, only to dream of what could be.

My wife and I are currently looking for our retirement home. Unfortunately our meager budget of only 150.000 Euros does not seem to be buying much in France nowadays. But surely there must be a little gem waiting for us somewhere. Isn't there?


Good Morning!
Very much what I am looking for! Big doors can be swung open for air...and yes there is lots of stone and block to be prettified.
And really was the space 2500   m2  counting the upstairs area?
Tis ugly (but I was born in a factory town in New England...cobblestone street with ugly factories..so I got that ugly-sentimental thing going).
And if the village is vital - one can take their art to the street or just enjoy the local life.
And is this really in the center of SOUILLAC?
thanks for my me laugh this time - this morning, Kim - and yes, this is the kind of thing I am open minded too (I don't believe anyone would break into there if I left it a year - and if they did, my flexible solar cells and I would be gone).  ;-)
Very good - let me look at this after work and think.
Cheers Kim. Thanks for not looking down on me for wanting to buy weird stuff.


I'm so glad to have found your blog...it's fabulous and a great idea.  Please know I truly appreciate your help and will try not to drive you crazy with emails & questions.


Thank you everyone!

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