Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another little railway cottage - N° 99 !!

Ref:  6534s                                        Sold !

Price:  only 29.000€ ! (agency fee included)

Here is another little 'passage à niveau'.  You must have seen them before on my blog if you are a regular visitor, there is always usually one little railway cottage for sale at any one time!  These little houses, were the guards accommodation before gates were automated.  They are all identical!

I'm going to show you something different with this one....  yes it is a before and after but with bit of a difference....  but I will start with the after...  all will become clear!

This little cottage had been totally transformed only a couple of years ago.  However, the unlucky owner had rented the property out to some terrible tenants who did not look after it and there was substantial water damage from a tap left running.  Therefore, the property does need some works.

*2 bedrooms
*Shower room
*Garden 736m2
*Full double glazing!

The exterior is in good condition.  Walking inside into the kitchen/dining room.  To the left is the lounge.  Upstairs there are two connecting rooms and a shower room.  As with all of the cottages, you do have to walk through one of these rooms to get to the other bedroom so maybe this would be more ideal as a one bedroom property unless you know the others in the other bedroom well!  Or this could become a nice office area.  

You will see from the photo's that much of the damage is actually to the floor in the main bedroom and the kitchen ceiling.  Consequently, as the property has also been closed for a considerable amount of time, the dampness had affected most of the other rooms just because of the humidity.  However, it has now completely dried out and although I would recommend that the floor in that bedroom is inspected to make sure it is still solid enough, (it seemed to be) together with re-decoration throughout should see this little house bought back to it's former glory. 
There is a good sized garden, 736m2 in total.  The cottage is situated just on the outskirts of a village with all commerce and within walking distance.  There are some properties nearby but not overlooking at all.  The railway line is still used, however, this is only a very small single track with few passing trains!

Here are the photo's of how it looked before and a good insight of what it can look like again:  (makes your blood boil doesn't it??!!)
The following are the before photo's!  The cottage now looks like in those above :(

My view:  I love it!  Perfect for a little holiday home.  Price is really interesting too with not much money to lay out to get this back to how it should be.

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  1. Sitting in the cold of the North-East of England and looking longingly on websites at French houses, when I came across this gem. If only I could retire now and get something like this! We have seen these before and fallen for them - and the life style. Someone is very lucky to have spotted this first....

  2. These little railway cottages do come up from time to time.... we could have sold this one a hundred times over I think!
    Keep watching the blog!