Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Near to village - 3 bedroom house with large garden!

Ref:  5591s                                          SOLD!

Price:  79.000€ (agency fee included)

Situated just on the outskirts of a village with all small commerce.  Well what can I say about this one????  Huge potential is probably the best!
The exterior is in good condition, well no structural problems.  Perhaps needs a little cosmetic attention in some areas.  The interior well.... shabby, half finished, untidy and the kitchen is something else!  However, is is spacious, light and bright and has a huge garden!

*3 bedrooms
*Laundry room
*Dining room
*Garden of 4972m2.
*CH upstairs
*Double glazed

The lounge room really is quite nice.  Stone floor and old fireplace - this could be a very nice room indeed.  There is also a separate dining room.  The kitchen is very light as it has double French doors giving a fab view over the garden.  It has been semi fitted out but to be honest, you need to start again as the layout, I didn't think, worked at all!  For some bizarre reason the boiler has been blocked in by units which would have to be dismantled if it needed servicing!  However, the plumbing is in place so that is important.

One big negative is the very steep narrow staircase going up the first floor.  Once upstairs you find a quite spacious landing area with three good sized bedrooms, bathroom and one box room perhaps better used as an office.


OR - I think it would be better to use that box room and part of the dining room downstairs to put in a new staircase.  You really would be making a very comfortable house that way.  

Also on the first floor landing is a door leading out to steps going down into the garden.  Originally the property was only habitable on the first floor so it has quite a large staircase on the side.
The garden is large and flat.  As you know I am always honest!  So I have included photo's of the before when it was well kept and the now when it isn't!!  Just wanted to show how it can look!

I have confirmation that the caravan will be going!

The house is situated right next to a road leading into the village, not a busy road but I like to inform you!  Opposite that there is also a train track.  However, this is a single line track only and not very often used.

My view:  The price is good for a stone built property with a garden this size.  I think it will certainly be a very attractive property and will give very comfortable living.   It does need quite a bit of work but this will allow you to choose exactly what you want!  The garden is large and private.  The road and train would not disturb me and I liked the fact the property is situated near to the village.


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