Thursday, December 9, 2010

4ème Foire de la Truffe!

In a village near us!  A superb truffle fair!

Our region is so very famous of course for, walnuts, Rocamadour cabecou goat's cheese, ducks, including of course confit de canard and fois gras.  However, the truffle market is also thriving.

When we first arrived here, we actually lived in Cuzance - the village where a now large annual fair is held for Truffles.

I was always a little bit suspicious of sometimes coming across (whilst dog walking) lone men, scratching about in secluded areas, on all floors, under trees!!   Mushrooms???  Could have been, as the French have a passion for wild mushrooms and like to keep locations top secret.  However, this did not explain the being on all fours!

Truffles are what it was all about.  Found and guarded and displayed as if they are crown jewels.  These rather ugly looking things are indeed a delicacy well sought after and very expensive!
A French friend, who is also a chef, once made us, not an omelette made of truffles but scrambled egg.  Ooooh never had such lux scrambled eggs!!

Here is the link to the site for the Foire de la Truffe at Cuzance :

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