Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Investment or home??? Centre of Souillac town!

Ref:  6757s

Price:  66.300€ (agency fee included)

Running through the middle of Souillac is the main road leading onto Gourdon ....  on that main road is where we find this property.  Have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.  Don't write this one off to easily it really has something about it and some very real potential....
Exterior is in good condition.  Interior is a mess!  Well, it's old and tatty ...  It was actually two apartments before.

*3 Bedrooms
*2 Kitchens!
*2 Bathrooms
*2 Lounges
*Attic space.
*Courtyard garden

As you may have already found out - French agents rarely do floor plans - and... we are no different!!   So I am going to have to try my best to describe this one to you.  As I believe the layout here is important.

As you enter the property (which is directly off of the street pavement) you come into the hallway (which has some lovely old tiles!) and there is a door at the opposite end where you go out into the courtyard garden to access the flat upstairs.  

Back to the ground floor.  Either side of the hallway, there are two and a bit rooms either side.  Condition of them is awful, not having been lived in for years, dirt and grime is especially appealing to the now resident spiders!  A horrible, ugly square bathroom has been added to one side, which should be taken down - in my own humble opinion of course!  It takes up room in the garden, and is just sooooo ugly!    

Going out into the garden is where we find an interesting little courtyard space.  Even more interesting as you have to go upstairs into the flat and I think this area could be made into a stunning little place.  Behind the property is gardens from another house, so not built up and it makes it seem more 'open'.

Upstairs there is a complete two bedroom flat.  Old wallpaper yes - but lovely old wooden floors and some nice fireplaces.  

I think this property could be made into one nice get away place.  Works needed ok, but at a price like this...  it's very interesting.  Two minutes walk to the town centre....  some double glazing, particularly at the front and you would not know you were on the main road. Open up all the windows at the back and enjoy the terrace! 

Alternatively, this could be an great investment property.  Either side of the hallway could be made into two studio flats and the upstairs could just be overhauled - giving three rental possibilities!  With a town like Souillac, which has two large schools with students who look for accommodation in the school year, this one could give a very steady income.  

My view:  An interesting property indeed.  I would have to get someone in to deal with the spiders but the rest I can see past..  and see what potential it has!

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