Friday, August 27, 2010

Market day today!!

I just posted on Facebook that I could hear and smell  the market...  so, I just went outside to take some photo's for you!

Did you see this guy on Jamie Oliver's programme,  (the famous chef) when he was in France???  I am sure it was him -  and this is where I get my saucisson too!!

Real bread!

Duck, famous in this region so how about duck heart brochettes??!!

And here are the guys who are playing all the music.  Must say I'm foot tapping now I'm back in the office.  So far there has been I am the Walrus, Englishman in New York.  Hang on there...  just waiting for the next one to start whilst I am writing...  oh it's a French number... but it's got them all going!!!!!

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