Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Canoeing on the river Dordogne at the weekend!

My colleague Francis, is without doubt, the most earthy, real French individual you could ever meet!  Expert in all local knowledge, fisher man extra-ordinaire, finder of wild mushrooms and wild snails!!

Francis proposed a day on the river...  I was unable to make it, however colleagues Celine with her husband Denis, Valerie and her son and my daughter were taken out for day.

The day started in Souillac, just near to the great Quercyland park.  A bus took them all to Meyronne to start the  journey.

Francis, on the bus with my daughter Mimi
There was a little snag along the way.....   Everyone fills water proof tubs with all their belongings so that they are protected.  These were stashed under the bus in the luggage space for the journey.  However, some bright spark forgot to close the door!!!!   During the winding decent down to the starting point - the tubs all rolled down the hill next to the road.  Everyone had to get off the bus and collect them!!!!  
Getting ready for the off with the life jackets!
Denis, Francis and Valerie

And a walk in the river...
Passing under Chateau de le Treyne

Messing about on the river!
Passing by Chateau du Bastit
Dennis, Mimi, Francis, Victor and Valerie!
Passing by the Chateau at Lansac
The finish line with Valerie and Victor!

With the transport on the bus to Meyronne and a free ticket to Quercyland after...  it cost 14€ per person!!  This is a 'must do' when you come to Souillac!!

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