Monday, June 7, 2010

A few sunny days in the Lot combined...!

I feel as if I have neglected to update you on 'My French Life'.  Well it's true!!  The thing is...  even after having lived here for thirteen years we still act as if this is one long holiday and my evenings and weekends have been taken up with lots of activities leaving me little evening and weekend time to blog.   So here is a post to catch up a little on what has been happening around this beautiful area....

I do try to take my camera out with me most of the time.  Here, travelling through some of the back roads, we came across this amazing building and I just had to take a photo.

A huge, massive property which seemed to have been cut in half by the road.  To the right hand side of the little lane was the old mill with water running out behind....  from about half way up - just amazing.  We stopped to look at the swan nesting on the banks when Mr Swan appeared from nowhere - time to retreat!!

A Flower sale just in front of the Abbey in Souillac...
All the locals come out for this.  It's not just for tourists!  There are lots and lots of small local independant growers who come to sell at events like this.  And furiously loyal customers come out in hoards to buy from their preferred supplier..

A three day horse jumping competition in Souillac:
Ok, so I had my own personal interest in this event with my own daughter Mimi who has taken up riding in the local 'Club Hippique Souillac'.  It was a pretty impressive event and organized by the Vincent and Deborah from our club.  Riders from far and wide came along ....  and there was a late night 'concours' which was lovely as we were right next to the river Dordogne.

This was obviously the class for the youngsters.  The older groups followed.
Check out the website here:  (In French)  You can also go along here to go for a holiday ride - along the river Dordogne...

A dog show in Brive la Gaillarde.
Oh  I just couldn't not show you these photo's!  Our poodle looks nothing like this one!

And we are now all in love with pugs!  This one was so cheeky!

On the way back from Brive we passed the village of Turenne which can be seen from miles away...

I will be posting more soon about a fabulous pub and and restaurant we have just tried out!

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