Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Francis at the Six nations rugby. Wales v France

As some of you know, rugby is a huge pastime here in the South West of France.  Our colleague Francis, is a ruby trainer and of course an avid fan.

Francis arranged a little trip for himself and nine very French friends to go to the six nations championship game between Wales and France at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

I have been in fits of laughter ever since his return as he recalls the antics of the group.  Apparently the first  episode, (how typically French????)  was when they arrived at the airport, decided they are hungry and proceed to get out the saucisson!!  No lager louts here...  they actually open a bottle or two of wine also!!!!

The second dramatic episode was getting into the hire car and setting off from London "on the wrong side of the road" to Cardiff.  They are not all sure how they arrived in one piece and going around the wrong way on round-a-bouts sent them into panic mode!!  It also has to be remembered that our dear lovely Francis has the best English out of all of them which slightly worried me as he only knows "Yes, I'm fine" and "Anozzer one pleaze"!!

Mixing with the locals!

Trying to impress French Cheese on the advertising!

Trying out local pubs seemed bit of a pastime!
A very good game apparently.  Celebrations of course continued after France won 26 -20!!

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