Thursday, January 7, 2010

The village Creysse....

Another of our beautiful local villages.... 

Creysse is the quintessential French village, charming and quaint. Nestled in the Midi-Pyrenees Region on the right bank of the Dordogne River, Creysse is not far from the well-known villages of Rocamadour, Martel, Padirac, Carennac, and Turenne and a 20 minute drive from Souillac. 

This area truly embodies the ideals of French country living. It is often thought of as "a preserved land where 'joie de vivre' and friendliness still exist," and people truly take the time to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Whether you are interested in local cuisine, art, wine, architecture, history, or outdoor activities, this area of France provides a variety of rich offerings that suit every traveler's tastes and interests. For this reason, French and foreign travelers alike return to this special place to enjoy its natural resources in peace and tranquility.
Creysse is one of favourite villages for us. Every year we find our favourite spot down by the river and take an inflatable boat to ride on the gentle current. The children love it as do friends and familly. Also, every year, although there are only 300 or so inhabitants in the village, they have the village fete which goes on over three days and people come from far and wide. On the last night, the Sunday, they have an incredible firework display from the old chateau.
Then all returns to peace and quiet as if it never happened!

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