Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to work!

After having a short trip back to the UK for the New Year....  here I am back at work.  We had a lovely time with friends even if we have over eaten!

We decided to take the ferry rather than the Eurotunnel - as we all know, there had been huge delays over the Xmas period.

En-route on the journey home, we encountered more snow passing through Limoges.  I was hoping for a good sprinkling at home in Souillac but alas, there was not enough to get the sledge out again!

We've been on 'caravan' this afternoon.  Where we all go to see the new properties that have come onto the market this week.  One was a real surprise.  Now after being in this job for sometime you would think I would be a little more open-minded!  'Nothing special' I thought as we arrived at the property and my eyes cast a quick first glance over the exterior.  But in actual fact it was rather a nice property....  I will be posting the details in a day or two, so you will have to wait to see it!

See you back soon!


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