Friday, April 22, 2011

Old, quaint and loo with a view!

Ref:  6616s                                                        SOLD STC!!

Price:  52.000€ (agency fee included)

He he!!  I love places with character and this one certainly has some!!

Situated right in the heart of Souillac, two steps to the town centre in fact.  A very old cottage with a courtyard garden. Ok, so it needs a little love and attention but at this price it's such a do-able project.
Now, it's a little difficult to describe this property room by room because it could give you the wrong impression.  Oh how easy it would be to say a two bedroom cottage with this and that...  but in my mind, this one needs a little bit of a re-think because as with many of these little old cottages nothing is ever where you expect it to be!

As you walk in the front door there is a dining room to your right.  (Perhaps this could become a kitchen or a bedroom).   Behind that there is a bidet and washbasin - well lets just say plumbing is there!  could be an en-suite shower???   Continuing on, there are three little rooms, ideal for storage.  One at present contains several old, dirty, dusty bottle of wine ...  perhaps vintage - who knows? !!  

Next, duck down as you are likely to knock yourself out on the huge stone beam that leads you out to the courtyard.  And what a great little space this could be.  At the moment its all overgrown and has terrible lean-to contraptions on two of the walls.  However, a good tidy up could make this a superb little area.
Onwards and upwards we go into the present kitchen.  Large room!  Looks very dark and dank as decor is very brown but a quick make over will transform not only this room but the whole house.
Then we go through into another room that was a bedroom.  I think this would be better as a lounge because off of the lounge there is an old terrace that has been covered in to make a conservatory type of room.  But is it a conservatory????????????   Noooooooooo!!!!!!!  It's a bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!  The loo is positioned to look out over the garden!!!!!! No curtains or blinds even......  Right to the far end there is a shower room so I'm sure you could move the loo in there or even re-position it somewhere else.  This space will be much better as a real conservatory!

Upstairs again and we come into roof...  This has already been converted into a good sized bedroom and what could be an office or small bedroom.

Just opposite the house is a large garage with parking.  
My view:  Overall, the exterior is in good condition and yes the interior needs perhaps a little re-thinking and certainly a make-over but  I really like this little place.  Could be a super little bolt hole to France!

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  1. Oh no I like this one TOO. I love the little garden and see the potential.