Monday, May 16, 2011

Centre of a village - A beautiful old farmhouse and outbuildings.

Ref:  6776s                                  SOLD STC!!!!  (the next day!)

Price:  210.000€ (agency fee included)

Oh what a joy to see one of these lovely old lot buildings almost in it's original state...  practically untouched by modernisation gives you the chance to 'feel' times gone by....  so much charm and character.  It was a bit like walking into an old French brocante with all the old furniture, mirrors etc...
This superb property, with its barn and outbuildings is situated in one of the nicest villages of our region.  All small commerce within walking distance as is the river Dordogne.  You can be in the garden and look up to the spire of the church - that is how central it is!  For any of you that know Saint Sozy - you will want this one!
The house is substantial in size, 4 bedrooms and with cellars the entire length of the house.  There is a barn, open hanger and workshop and a little stone-built building at the end of the garden which will be a great potting shed!   The garden is a really good size.

*4 Bedrooms  12, 17, 15 and 15m²
*Shower room 
*Kitchen 18m²
*Lounge 18m²
*Dining room 12m²
*Basement - full length of the house!

*Barn 80m²
*Hangar 132m²
*Workshop 15m²
*Potting shed.
*Full attic space.
*Garden 1730m²

Ok, so this is where I enjoy my job so much.  To go and see these old properties is just the best part of my job!  Very difficult for me to describe all the potential that this property has as you could do so much with it.  

On arrival, we go down a little lane off of the main village road and tucked away, just behind the church is where you drive into the property.  To the left is the house.  To the right the hangar.  And in front is the barn.  I was blown away with the staircase leading up to the house.  Old iron railings ...  just quality!  There is a large  terrace area at the top of the stairs and then you enter into some doors into the entrance and then into the old farmhouse kitchen.
The kitchen is a very good size.  There has at some point, been a wood burning stove put into the old cantou fireplace.  could be practical or you could take this out to bring it back to former glory!
The bedrooms are huge!  Great sizes.  There has been a shower room added at some point and is a little on the small side.  Not at all in keeping with the property - but well, at least there is plumbing and this property is attached to mains drainage!

The lounge room and salon are again good sizes.  Lovely old fireplace in the lounge room.

The barn is barn like!  Straw still in place!  The hangar is huge - great for garaging and storage. 

The garden is lovely.  The potting shed as I call it is just next to the veg patch - big enough to have a little me room to!!  You are right in the centre of the village, yet there is privacy.  Look up to that church spire....  but don't forget it will chime hourly during the day and go a little mad at lunchtime telling the workers to go home for midday!  

My view:  Yes, you can see this one needs some love and attention....  but this is a property where you can say it would be worth it.  It is one of those very impressive properties indeed!  I loved the old partially plastered stonework, the shape of the roof, the huge rooms with original old wooden floors...  this has to be one for the short list if you are looking for something special to restore in a village.

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