Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas market in Martel with an Australian family!

Martel, one of our most beautiful villages of the region, held their annual Xmas market on Sunday.  We had the pleasure of introducing the delights of one of these little local events to some of our latest clients.  An Australian family of seven - plus dog!!
Arriving from temperatures of near to 40° to cold was I'm sure, a little bit of shock to them!  However, being well equipped with special Aussie Ugg boots (they bought me a pair too:) )was enough to keep toes warm.  Delicious warm mulled wine made everything even better!

Introducing you to the family:  They bought a house with me here in Souillac and intend to stay for a French experience for at least a year!
Martel market is small, everyone knows everyone but there was enough stalls to make it interesting.  Stalls were in the old market place and in the Palais de la Raymondie.    Unfortunately for us, so many reservations had been made for lunch that we missed out...  but that did not stop our Aussie friends from trying a little of everything on offer!
The kitchen!
For the repas today, oysters, followed by 'mique avec petit salé'.  New to the Australians!  Mique is like an enormous dumpling and served with a huge chunk of cooked bacon.

Ummmm a little worried perhaps?  Our Laetitia is looking on there with a little smile!
 Go on - try it!
Ok, let the kids test it first!!!


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