Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nearly the New Year.... and some changes!

The annoying santa slay, snowmen and falling snow have now gone from the blog!!!

First day back to work after Xmas.  Most of the French are still walking around in a glazed state after too much champagne, oysters and fois gras!

Me???  Well, anyone who knows me will understand that I did everything to the max!  Lucky enough to have all five of our children around on the big day together with assorted French friends who wanted to experience an English Christmas dinner (sprouts not being a favourite) with the very famous Xmas pud which they all thought was disgusting!!!!!  Mince pies have the same effect!  Ha!  These Frenchies know nothing about fine foods!

So, nearly into the new year and things should change pace a little on the property front shortly.  Things always wind down here towards the end of November.  From now on, we should start getting new mandates in for properties as people start to plan for the year ahead...  that means more blogging for me and more property details for you!

One of the changes is that from the 1st January, we have to show the energy test results of each property.  You will find a the little tickets at the end of each post.

Another big change ....  As the blog is now just over a year old and I have received such a huge, positive response from everyone, (you seem to like my descriptions!) and the boss Lionel (who doesn't understand my descriptions - but can see the response!) has asked me if I will include the properties from our sister office in Gourdon onto the blog.  This means that I will now do 'caravan' (where we see all the new properties coming onto the market) in Gourdon as well as Souillac.  Double the amount of properties on offer to you!  As always, any property I put onto the blog, I will have personally visited.

Here, I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone:

A Happy New Year!

Hope to see you all in 2011!

Kindest regards to all.


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