Monday, May 23, 2011

A cheapy!

Ref:  6079s                                              SOLD STC!!!!

Price:  77.500€ (agency fee included)   

A cheapy - Why? - see the photo's!!  Having said that, this needs mainly only internal works and a tidy up of the outside, nothing too heavy...  it's got a good habitable surface and a garden...  so lots of potential!
Situated just on the outskirts of Souillac town.  It's kind of a bungalow but is a bit all over the place in as much as the attic space has already been converted into...  well lets say rooms!  But you cannot access them from the downstairs yet!
*2 bedrooms
* 2 Shower rooms
*Boiler room
*3 other rooms of 8m², 18m² and 19m²
*700m² land

There is a distinctly horrible coloured kitchen.  Yuck, it's really grimy!!  A good clean and a make over will quickly change all of that!
The lounge and another room (separate access again).  Make-over N°2 needed!

There are two bedrooms with a shower room on this floor.  Yes - make over n° 3!!

Going up those steps, you can enter into the attic space which someone at sometime had obviously attempted to make into a separate apartment ....  badly!  There is a shower room....and it's a great space...  teenager heaven or perhaps some kind of work/office space...   I quite like the fact that there is a huge terrace outside on this level.

Big bonus - large garage!

The garden, well it's a tad overgrown to say the least, but it is sizeable for a town property.

My view:  Ok, so I'm joking around but giving you the reality at the same time, however, this place seriously does have potential.   If you are on a lower budget, a keen DIYer could easily manage this project.  Put your own stamp on it and it could be very nice indeed.   This property was built in 1970, so is not that old - just not been re-decorated since!

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