Monday, March 7, 2011

A brocante in Brive!

So with the warmer weather comes the start of the outdoor brocantes and vide greniers...  a passion of mine....  I love going junkin' !!!

The first ones this weekend, were at Cressensac, about 7km's and Brive on Sunday which is about 20km's away.

Lots of items from real junk, to beautiful old French antiques.

The photo's are the brocante in Brive.  It was busy enough and of course I did not come home empty handed....    I  just had to show you the awful painting that we came across!  I could not stop laughing at it, even the French guy next to me asked why I was taking a photo!  No idea who it is.  It could be some million dollar painting for all I know about art.  I couldn't make my face look serious enough to ask the price...  ..

Who would put this on their wall?????!!!!!

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