Thursday, November 26, 2009

Whinging - new word of the day for my French colleagues!

So every day I try to teach my French colleagues a new word.  Sometimes important words, sometimes not! 

Yesterday I taught them 'whinging'.  I always find it ueseful to have something that demonstrates the word to help them remember.  Yesterday I had a good example.  Oh, I was trying to be jovial really and it did lift the mood a little.  Céline is ill or "I'm hill" as she tells me (many many times!!)   It is true that lots of people are suffering at the moment from coughs and colds and in true paranoia style - everyone thinks they have Swine flu...  Célines complaining has now gone on for a week.  All credit to her though, she has continued to battle on with work - but don't we know about it!!  So yesterday I told her she was 'whinging' and to get to the Doctors.  In true French style she arrived back with a huge carrier bag full of medicine!  Ah bless her.

However, I was slightly concerned last night.  Three of my children, all arrived home with forms to fill in for us to give permission to give vaccination for 'Grippe A'.   I went into mild panic as the children themselves had heard lots of stories regarding the safety of it.  I did a little research on the web...  still not sure what to I being an over worried mummy???

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