Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two barns for sale, near to the Golf course!

Property ref:  4618                                  UNDER OFFER!                            

Price:  79.000 € Reduced to 57.000€ !! (agency fee inlcuded)

About two minutes from the golf course, therefore about 15 minutes from Souillac, in a small hamlet is where you will find these two little barns.   This is a full renovation project - make no mistakes about it.  Probably the only retainable features are the stone walls!!!  The thing about starting from scratch is that you can make these barns your own.  You decide how many and how big the rooms are. 

When I arrived at the location, you couldn't help but notice the roof of the first barn...  then the second.  Both looking very precariously held in place by some very wonky beams!   The walls are in good condition however, and are of the very local Lot stone.  Pointed up, these will look incredible.  There are already lots of natural openings - the old main barn door opening will provide superb light.  Of course these could be changed and others added if you so wished. 

Now for the interior.  Well once I had given the door a good kick  I managed to open it.   There in front of me was one of the old original hay carts.  Oh, I never stop enjoying discovering lost and forgotten treasures.....   There was also the original feeding stalls, lots of wood and straw everywhere - this really was part of a working farm and not so long ago me thinks!  In total, there is a possible habitable surface of 250m2.  There is huge land of 9217m2.  There is a very nice flat, grassy area between and behind the barns.  The rest of the land is mostly wooded.
Lots of natural light!!!
The hamlet is very peaceful and I have to add that the other properties around have been restored to a very high standard indeed which can only be a plus for the eventual value of these barns together with the fact that they are so very close to the Golf course.  New chalets on the golf course are currently marketing near to the 400.000 € mark and they have a very healthy holiday let season.  So....  one barn restored for you - another for a gite and holiday let income???  Many possibilities!
This is the church and a couple of the other properties that have recently been restored in the hamlet.

You can contact me if you require further information, either by e-mail cabinet.theron@century21france.fr (FAO Kim), or call me on 0033 6 20 82 42 34

I look forward to hearing from you!


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