Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What is that coming round the corner? It's 'Le petit train' !!!!!

We know when tourist season is here...  when they get the mini train out!    Trundling around the streets of Souillac and down past the river.....  This picture was taken from my balcony - where, if we are sitting out, we have to wave endlessly several times a day like robotics with a fixed smile!!  

It was quite funny the other day though.  I heard loud shouts of "Whoa" and roars of laughter from the elderly  passengers who had certainly had a little too much 'vin' at lunch!  I went to the window and saw the train coming to a halt.  A man gesticulated to the ground and I saw a handbag on the road.  But the train started  again... the driver not understanding the problem.   Another loud "Whoa" and a lady got out to re-claim the now run over hand bag!!!   You just had to be there!

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