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News from Souillac and Gourdon!

Please note these are automatic translations from local newspaper - so sometimes you have to read twice to understand!  Just thought it would be nice for you to see some of what goes on in our local area!

Gourdon. A 2CV from beyond the grave


Une 2 CV sortant de son tombeau.
Une 2 CV sortant de son tombeau.
A 2 HP out of his tomb.
Currently, the cemetery at the foot of Gourdon, the county 704, a vision "Dante" is offered to passersby. Anemic, emaciated, ghostly, a 2 HP emerges from the ground. This resurrected out of its tomb to announce the long weekend "Aquadeuch" to be held on 13 and 14 August on the water listening to if it rains.
Indeed this great festive event will be hosted by "Bouriane Retro", an association of amateurs and enthusiasts of older vehicles, with the assistance of the municipality of Gourdon, and the General Council.
Thus, from July traders decorate their windows Gourdon on the theme of the 2CV, and the flower beds in town are decorated with antique cars.
Here is the program this weekend: Saturday, August 13, starting a rally tourist 2CV between Lot and Dordogne, and evening dinner dance under the tent listening to if it rains. Sunday 14, from 9 am host of old cars around the pond, in the afternoon, animations, and dramatic race of Aquadeuch on the lake, evening dinner dance. More than fifty people will take care of this summer event, the largest animation after the summer after that of Yannick Noah.

The airport manages off


L'aéroport de Brive-Souillac s'apprête à desservir d'autres destinations.
L'aéroport de Brive-Souillac s'apprête à desservir d'autres destinations.
The airport of Brive-Souillac preparing to fly to other destinations.
The first year of operation of the airport of Brive-Souillac and the Dordogne Valley is a success.And no shortage of projects to develop the business.
Airport Brive-Dordogne Valley is doing well, thank you! The activity report, just presented by Jean-Louis Nesti, president of the joint association that manages the airport, reveals that the airport structure is in full development, just a year after opening, "It a very satisfactory year, "said Dany Blanchet, director of the airport.We successfully improved access to Paris and our development to the United Kingdom ".
In 2010, attendance for scheduled Paris-Orly Airlinair totaled 28,677 12,041 passengers whose flights from Brive-Laroche and 16,636 since the opening of the airport, or 25% higher compared to previous years. Flights to London City with CityJet totaled 6,295 passengers, with a peak in August and 5 rotations at Christmas, bringing the total to 34,972 scheduled passengers, including 22,931 since the airport opened in June 2010, for 800 aircraft movements. The charter flights were recorded 6 movements for 271 passengers and business aviation 163. By adding 6,012 aircraft movements other (military, officials, private ...), the total rises to 6,985, including 969 commercial movements. Of the total passenger flow, 38% of them were destined for the Lot, 33% of the Dordogne and the rest for the Correze and Limousin.

Manchester Branch

The year 2011 will see an increase in activity with, for Paris-Orly, six weekly flights to London City 4 flights, and opening new lines. Once a week, Manchester Airport will be served by, via Limoges and Nice Ajaccio Airlinair. As for charter flights, Jordan, Crete, Croatia and Marrakech are scheduled flights from Brive and other last minute of extra flights will attach themselves: "We work for new routes," says Dany Blanchet. The new airport is still growing.

A train to the old to Rocamadour


Lors du tournage de « La Fille du Puisatier »./ Photo repro.
Lors du tournage de « La Fille du Puisatier »./ Photo repro.
During filming of "La Fille du Puisatier". / Picture reproduction.
On 18 June, the association "The steam train from Toulouse is organizing a trip from Toulouse and Rocamadour, on board a train to the former, specifically cars from 1932, form" is "listed buildings historical one of them was used in the film "The Girl of the well driller" and starring Daniel Auteuil, Kad Merad and Astrid Berges-Frisbey. The train is pulled by a diesel locomotive.
The work undertaken on the Toulouse-Saint-Sulpice can not reach Rocamadour directly by rail via Gaillac, Figeac and Gramat.
The steam train from Toulouse borrow therefore the axis of POLT from Toulouse to Souillac.There, buses are scheduled to travel the 16 kilometers to rally Rocamadour where those interested can visit the Rock of eagles.

Toulouse, Montauban, Caussade, Cahors, Gourdon and Souillac

The train will depart Toulouse to 8 pm, stop at Montauban to 8 h 38, then at 8 pm Caussade 58, 9 am to 31 Cahors, Gourdon at 10 h 07 and will arrive in Souillac at 10 h 24 (return 18 to 19 h of Souillac, Gourdon 36 to 19 h, 20 h 07 in Cahors, 20 h 42 to Caussade, 21 am to 10 pm and 21 Montauban 49 Toulouse).The fare ranged from 44 € (Toulouse) 25 € (Gourdon) for adults and 26 € to 17 € for children aged 4 to 12. Lunch reservation.

Rocamadour. Cheese Day attracts 10,000 people

La 22e Fête du fromage a battu le record d'affluence de 2010.
La 22e Fête du fromage a battu le record d'affluence de 2010.
The 22nd Cheese Festival broke the attendance record of 2010.
The 22nd Festival of Cheese, which took place Sunday, June 12, was a success. Nearly 10,000 people packed the park Belveyre, in Hospitalet.This major event of the Association socio-cultural and sports Amadourien (Assca) beat the record attendance so in 2010.
But if there were more visitors, sales, however, were slightly lower than in 2010. Young and old were nevertheless able to appreciate the rich flavors of the cheeses in our region: Rocamadour, Cantal, Volume goat ... and the Ossau-Iraty. This cheese, named after the peak of Ossau (overlooking the valley of Ossau and Bearn) and Iraty forest in the Basque Country, was the king of the party.
Lot of winemakers were also represented with the wines of Cahors, the slopes of Glanes and those of Rocamadour. Little extra, the delicious ice Lisbeth and Olivier, who have been very successful, like Croustillot, lotois bread, soap and goat's milk. If producers are, of course, sell their products, they come above all to present their know-how, their work and defend high-quality products. This search for the authenticity of the cheeses present on the Feast of cheese is the first targets.
The second is that everyone, young and old, are at the party. In a joyous crowd, musicians, comedians, jugglers, stilt walkers acrobats or have wandered all day.
The festival is also a human adventure, with its hundreds of volunteers and the participation of many companies that provide support.
Representatives of Béarn and Basque country are left to their mountains, lasting memories of Amadourien for their welcome and are very pleased to be able to familiarize Lotois their culture through their many songs.
The mass of the products of the earth, celebrated by Norbert Turini, Bishop of Cahors, Rocamadour, has been very successful, and lovers of beautiful songs and beautiful voices were able to appreciate those choirs of Rocamadour and Tardets.
An event colorful and tasty.

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