Monday, April 26, 2010

Well done me!!!

Am I allowed???  Can I ??  Should I???

Oh, OK then...!!

Just a little pleased with the feedback I've been getting from the blog!  It takes quite a bit of time but I have to say but I really enjoy doing it.  I wasn't sure how people  would take me being so honest  about the properties - but they seem to love it.  Makes my job all the more interesting and fun!!  I'm going to start a competition soon for the worst bathroom too....!!

Here are some of the e-mails I've received:
Hi Kim
Really enjoy your blog, a breath of fresh air after slogging through some of the property descriptions.
Could you give further details on the following properties:  6062S, just seen this, and 4831 a lovely looking house, not so sure about the red handles though!!
If you could send anymore photos and the location that would be great, I am over in the UK soon ( May) and was thinking of a trip to France to look at properties.

Hi Kim.

Just a few words to congratulate you on your Blog;  very refreshing to have properties for sale displayed in such an interesting way!  It seems that too many immobiliers follow the same old boring format.
In the meantime I will follow your blog!

I ran across your blog and had to let you know how helpful and pleasurable it has been!
My wife (Jane) and I are considering purchasing a second home in France (mostly me doing the considering, but Jane's coming around).  We are both big Francophiles and travel there every year or two.  We are now living in Florida and looking to join the many snowbirds around here that head to cooler climes for the hot summer months.  Southern France would be ideal, particularly since Jane and I are avid cyclists and outdoor recreation fans.
We will likely get serious about a property search in the next few years once the kids are settled in their own careers and we are free to roam a bit more.  For now, it's looking and dreaming time.
Thanks again for the info and I'll be staying tuned!

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