Friday, April 9, 2010

Are 'raised beds' more posh than veg patch? !!

Am I turning into my mother??  Quelle horreur!!  I certainly must be getting old .....  because I bought courgette plants this morning!!!!!!!  What is going on???  But I'm all excited  - this gets more bizarre with each passing moment......!

Oh what a beautiful sunny morning here in Souillac.  My clients have been delayed for our meeting so I took full advantage and made a tour of the market!!   Now we are in the stages of trying to develop our own new garden as we have only been in the present house for just a year.

Get this - I made hubby make some raised beds as I thought it sounded a bit more posh than veg patch!!!  Thought I would have a go at this gardening lark and be more bio!!  I've bought some aromatic herbs also this morning (laughing at myself here for using such a phrase) and 50 spring onions to plant out.
I did also succumb to the very red succulent strawberries on offer...  However, back in the office I decided to share them out and Francis (yes the all knowing nature guy!)  flatly refused to even try one.  "Beurk - they are all full of chemicals.  It's not strawberry season yet!" and he didn't take one!!!  Tasted ok to me!

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