Friday, July 2, 2010

Modern house, stunning location, an old barn and 4.4 hectares of land!

Ref:  6254S                                              Sold !

Price:  275.000€ (agency fee included)

Where do I start with this one?  I can tell you that I was very pleasantly surprised when we went to visit....  Situated in stunning countryside just into the dept of the Dordogne, in fact between Souillac and the very beautiful Sarlat.  Rolling countryside all around and on the outskirts of the simple gorgeous village of Carlux.

*3 bedroom house in perfect condition
*2 bathrooms
*Lounge/dining room of 43m2
*Huge basement of 157m2
*Old barn 
*4.4 hectares of land
*Stunning location+ + +!!
When you arrive at the property you go through a nice tree lined route...and then you see the house, slightly elevated but you can imagine the views it must have over the land which stretches out into the distance in front.  Also nestled into the landscape is the old ruins of an old house and barn.  

The house itself was fantastically cool, which was so appreciated.  We were doing our 'caravan' in 42° heat this week!  It is an impressively tidy home.  The rooms are really nicely proportioned, the bedrooms especially.  The kitchen and bathrooms were of older style but in perfect working order (no not like some of the ghastly ones we see, just older style!) The lounge is spacious and decorated in a much more modern style with a working fireplace at one end.  

There is a conservatory over part of the terrace.  What a great room.  Tinted windows do not allow that hot summer sun to penetrate too much so you can enjoy the views over the land.

Underneath the house, there is a full basement/garage.  A place to put just about anything!!  In fact there is 157m2!
The old barn and house are really in a bad state.  In fact I would not recommend entry as the roof looks like it will collapse!!  We know also that there has been termite activity in it.  The best thing to do with this barn, we all decided on the day of our visit, is to take it down completely and to re-use the stone to make another little property.  The roof is in a very bad way and some of the walls have been pushed out.  In actual fact, it is beautiful stone... so could make a stunning property or you could just leave it as it is.  It sits quietly bothering no-one!

My view:  A well maintained property with space!  Vast amounts of land to do what you like...  situated in a beautiful location.  What are you waiting for???  Arrange a visit!!

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