Monday, December 7, 2009

A Brocante in Brive la Gaillarde!

Quite often on a Sunday, we take time to have a little travel about the countyside and a little passion of ours is to go to the brocante's - antique fairs. 

This weekend, there was a good sized fair in Brive la Gaillarde, just over the border from the Lot into the department of the Correze.  All sorts of goodies on display.
I have to say that we don't actually know very much at all about antiques but we know what we like.  My hubby tends to pick up every clock that there is... I don't know why!  Personally I have no interest in them whatsoever and why he find thems so interesting is beyond me!  Me, however, I found some superb old hats, gloves and very old antique purses.  Simply gorgeous!  I also came across some beautiful little crystal cut, rose coloured wine tasting glasses.  They were so beautiful but I refrained from buying them as I wondered just where I would keep them...  sorely regret not getting them now.
We arrived just as it was lunchtime.  We knew that it would not be so busy, as we all know, the French take eating so seriously and many go home between 12 and 2pm leaving us time and space to view the items properly.  However, some cannnot go home - those being the stall holders.  I sneaked a quick photo of a couple who were sat at their table (above), scrummy food laid out and of course, the obligatory bottle of wine!    And this is is just so common but so classy!!  No quick sandwich for the French!

Brocantes are regularly held and you can always find at least one on every weekend somewhere close by.

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